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Contributing author in the following text books:

    • "Packaging and Transportation Forensics" - Reducing Risk and Liability, Uner review with DESTECH Publications, 2014
    • "Packaging For Perishables" - Under development with DESTECH Publications.
    • "Handbook - Plastic Films in Packaging, Materials Technology and Applications, Elsvier Publishing, 2013.
    • "Packaging Technologies For Dates and Date Products". In: Dates: Post Harvest Science , Processing Technology and Health Benefits, Siddiq M, Aleid S, Kader A (editor). John-Wiley Publishing Co., Ames, Iowa, USA 2013
    • "Current and Innovative Packaging Technologies for Tropical and SubTropical Fruits". In: Tropical and SubTropical Fruit Processing and Packaging, Siddiq M (editor).John-Wiley Publishing Co., Ames, Iowa, USA 2013
    • "Damage Reduction to Food Products during Transportation and Handling", Handbook of Food Products, 2006.
    • "Packaging Forensics" L & J Publishing Company, 2000.
    • "Transport Packaging" Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 1997.
    • "Distribution Packaging Technology Handbook", Institute of Packaging Professionals, 1995.
    • "Progress in Material Handling Research", Material Handling Institute of America, 1993.

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